So it begins…

On this day in literary history:

1846 – Elizabeth Barret, 40, and Robert Browning, 34, are secretly married in London’s St. Marylebone Church. Wordsworth’s thoughts on their union: “Well, I hope they understand one and other – nobody else would. ”

I am not new to blogging, but I am new to WordPress. (looks around carefully) After years at LiveJournal, where I have mostly dabbled in things related to fandom, I decided it was time to break away (although not leave fandom ::clings::) and concentrate my efforts on writing about books. I am not a professional reviewer, but I do have thoughts and I view this blog as a place to share them…and perhaps cultivate discussion. Additionally, I package reviews with links, questions, and sometimes recipes- so if you are in a book club or want to start one…perhaps this blog will be a useful tool.

So, come on in, have a cup of tea and say hi.


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