Bean Books

Owning a book store has always been my dream.  Imagine it –  every day spent in the company of words and thoughts. I love books. Ask anyone. I don’t even like to part with the books I don’t like (Sandy MacDonald’s The White Iris might be the single exception to that rule; I hated that book and felt it insulted the other books on my shelf!)

For about a minute a few months ago, I considered the possibility of opening a book store. I had a name, I had a spot, I had the enthusiasm…what I didn’t have was about a gazillion dollars and the assurance that I wouldn’t lose my shirt. I’ve worked in the book business and it’s not an easy industry to make a living at. (You know, unless you own Canada’s biggest book chain or something.)

Nevertheless, I was thrilled (and a little bit jealous) when I walked into Saint John’s Bean Books (122 Germain Street) on Saturday. This sweet little store has everything going for it- not the least of which is King Cole tea and piping hot water! A quick perusal of the shop’s shelves assured me that the owner, Sarah, and I were on the same literary page.

While it’s true that a 400 square foot bookshop might not offer the same massive selection that a store like Indigo might offer – Bean Books offers something more: a passionate owner, a lovely atmosphere and hand-selected books chosen with care.

I purchased Sheridan Hay’s novel The Secret of Lost Things, a book I only recently added to my to-be-read list. I made myself a cup of tea. I reveled in Sarah’s obvious passion for books and art and I made a promise to visit often.

Bean Books has just made my little city a better place to live.


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