A show for book lovers…

On May 11th, Open Book TV premiered on Link TV.  Based in New York City, Open Book is dedicated to telling stories about writers, their craft and the way that words inspire and inform other artistic endeavours. Their premiere episode takes a look at various writers living in a particular neighbourhood of Brooklyn including a chat with Ishmael Beah, author of  A Long Way Gone.

Watch an excerpt

 According to their press release  Open Book is “created and hosted by Ina Howard-Parker, an experienced book publicist and editor, and directed by Diane Paragas, an award-winning documentary and commercial filmmaker, Open Book is a new half-hour weekly television program about books and writers focusing on the contemporary and historical literary production in a different spot on the planet each week. ”

Yikes- it’s like crack for book lovers. Don’t we all wonder about the authors behind our favourite books? I know I do. What inspires them? How do they practice their craft? Generally speaking, writers seem like a pretty engaging bunch (okay, maybe not J.D. Salinger!) and so Open Book should make for must-see viewing for bibliophiles.

I have another reason to watch. The show’s Executive Producer, Rod Alleyne is a dear friend (I hesitate to say old, even though I’ve known him for a long time!).  I hope this project has a shelf life at least as long as Dan Brown’s ridiculous fame. Trust me, there’s more substance for sure!

Open Book TV’s Blog


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