Book Blogger Appreciation Week

I’ve sort of been on the periphery of the book blogging world since I started a year ago and I’d like to be more involved. This event, Book Blogger Appreciation Week, seems like a wonderful opportunity to meet some new people and perhaps even encourage some people to read my blog. (aka shameless self-promotion). I submitted the names of some of my favourite blogs to the awards and as a first-time participant I was asked to answer these questions.

1)  What has been one of the highlights of blogging for you?

When author Kelly Simmons stopped by to thank me for my favourable review of her novel Standing Still.
2)  What blogger has helped you out with your blog by answering questions, linking to you, or inspiring you?

Matt at A Guy’s Moleskin Notebook mentioned my blog in a post early on, which was nice and SavidgeReads has also been most welcoming at his blog and has linked to mine.
3)  What one question do you have about BBAW that someone who participated last year could answer?

What happens at BBAW the other 51 weeks of the year?


6 responses to “Book Blogger Appreciation Week

  1. I have to admit I loved getting a comment from an author as well. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the week!

    • Getting a comment from an author makes me wonder why we don’t send fanmail more when we read a book we love. Clearly authors appreciate the praise. *g*
      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. That is exciting to have an author chat with you for the first time. I remember mine and I was just in awe that they would want to talk books with me… small town Minnesota girl with a laptop. 🙂

    • It’s true, isn’t it? I guess, though, authors aren’t any different than us – they love books and love to talk about them…even their own! *g*
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Great to meet ou via BBAW! I remember when I received my first author comment and realized that a gal could get used to such fun stuff!

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