Where do you get your books?

Okay, is this too good to be true? The Book Depository, an online bookstore in the UK, says they ship books world-wide for FREE! How is this possible? Has anyone ever used them? This offer is almost impossible to resist! (Especially because it’s possible that they have access to some books not available in North America).

I actually quite like shopping for books online. I get a cup of tea and then I can browse to my heart’s content. That’s not to say I don’t like visiting bookstores I do. Big box stores like Indigo are great, little ’boutique’ stores like Bean Books are terrific too. I don’t go to the library as much as I should because, okay, I admit it, I like to own the books. I haven’t had much success with receiving free copies via publishers. I got one review copy from Indigo and then they stopped the program.

Where do you get your books? If you hook up with publishers, how? Do you pass books on when you’re done with them or hoard them? I’d love to hear about you get your books.


4 responses to “Where do you get your books?

  1. I have recently discovered The Book Depository too – and am loving it!! I do buy most of my books from shops but I do like to try and find a bargain online.

  2. Hi Karen.
    Bookcloseouts.com is also an excellent online bookstore…although they may not ship to your corner of the world.

  3. justicejenniferreads

    Hi. I’m Jennifer and I’m relatively new to this whole book blogging thing and I have had similar questions. I see people who post about getting 10+ books a week for FREE! It seems too good to be true, but they have found a way to accomplish it so I’ve been trying to get in on the world of ARCs, ect. No success so far.

    So I am stuck to bookstores (both online and actual stores) and borrowing from the library. So far, I’ve been sticking to the library because I’m running out of space and I’m broke. But I agree with you – I love to own the book. There’s something about knowing that it’s mine that makes it so much more enjoyable!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Welcome to my small corner of the book blogging world. I have had publishers contact me to review books…but when I’ve e-mailed with questions or asked for them to e-mail me details I’ve had no response, which makes me wonder if the inquiries are bogus. I also approached Curled Up With A Good Book and they responded and sent me a list of review books to choose from, which I did. That was in March- no books yet. If I crack it, I’ll let you know…but in the meantime I have 200+ books on my tbr shelf- so I’m not lacking books to read. *g*

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