So many books, so little time…

Do you ever wonder about the people behind the posts? I almost always check the ‘about me’ page when I visit a blog because it’s interesting to know something about the people with whom I share the blogsphere. I don’t think my page would actually encourage anyone to stick around my blog, so I thought it would be time to jazz it up.

The following is true:

I have been a life-long reader.

Here are the books waiting to be read…and yet I can’t stop buying more.

Here’s what I added May 7, 2009

I am married and have two kids and my husband, daughter (12) and son (10) are all avid readers. We have two cats: one is neurotic and a pain, one is a delight. We live in a port city on the East Coast of Canada. I work in Education, but I have also worked in the fitness business, the food business and the television business (most recently with the now-canceled Canadian Antiques Roadshow).

Besides books I love (in no particular order): King Cole tea, Pinot Grigio, snail mail, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, (and David Boreanaz), Lost (even though when we watch my husband and I are constantly saying, ” do you know what’s going on?”), travel (I have lived all over Canada, in the States and in England), cooking, running, the beach, writing/blogging, my book club, hanging with ‘the girls’…

I belong to two book clubs- one I started 10 years ago and we meet once a month. It’s a terrific group. I also run the book group at a local book store. It’s a small group, but we’re chatty, so it’s fun.

I have a long list of favourite books which include: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger; Velocity by Kristin McCloy; Billy Dead by Lisa Reardon; Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon; The Banquet, Magdalene and The Story of the Weasel all by Carolyn Slaughter

Did I mention I have too many books and not enough time?

5 responses to “So many books, so little time…

  1. Hi

    Sorry if this seems like spam! I am writing to introduce you to New York Times notable author Emily Listfield and her most recent foray into the suspense/mystery category.

    Best Intentions (May 2009) tells the story of four college friends whose reunion stirs old desires and grudges with fatal results.

    If this interests you at all, please contact me and let me know if I can send you a review copy and you could add it to your list of So Many Books to Read!

    Hope to hear from you.



    You can learn more about the mystery at
    or catch Emily’s blog “Brunch Babble” at

  2. Trying to contact you re BBAW but cannot fiund your email address. Mine is attached.

  3. Hi there –

    I noticed that you provide links to online author communities and book related sites, and wanted to introduce FiledBy.

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    Additionally, readers can join FiledBy and discover new authors, learn about new books, build their personal author list and bookshelf, connect with like-minded readers, write reviews and much more.

    We would appreciate if you would consider adding a link to FiledBy. We think it would be great fit for you and your readers.

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    Stephen Daniel King
    Marketing Specialist

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